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Our Brand

PlanToys® = Sustainable Play

PlanToys mainly focuses on safety wooden toys made of reclaimed rubber woods that enhance development for children, especially during their first five formative years when parents should encourage children to experience the freedom of playing and the proximity to nature.

Back in 1981, seven university graduates have been holding a mission to infuse the world with positive vibes. Vitool Viraponsavan, one of the main driving force established PlanToys, has been inspiring children and families over the world with steadfast determination to sustain environment and economy to the fullest through innovative toys. At present, PlanToys has branched out the philosophy with our partners in Asia, America, Europe and Australia.

With a strong mission to create a sustainable world, PlanToys thoroughly concerns about every single step of production line as well as other activities as we are wholeheartedly committed to minimizing environmental impacts.

In addition, Sustainable Play is a fundamental foundation of how PlanToys nurtures creative minds bringing children to understand what nature gives back to them. We have seen the results of our efforts for four decades and know that our children will grow up with the knowledge and values to respect and preserve natural resources for future generations and make the world a better place.

The story of PlanToys is described in the three pillars of how we do our business, “Sustainable Way”. This includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and Sustainable Mind.

Sustainable Material

“We always make sure to use the best of the natural resources and create only minimum to zero waste.”

Rubber Trees

All PlanToys products are made from natural rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex. No fertilizer is added to soils in three years prior to harvesting to ensure that all woods are toxic-free.

Chemical-Free and Kiln-Dried Process

To make woods durable, PlanToys uses a chemical-free and kiln-drying process.


The innovation of grinding surplus sawdust and wood chips from production using thermal process to form a shape brought us to PlanWood™. Together with solid wood, customers will get high quality, safe and sustain products.

E-Zero (Non-Formaldehyde Glue)

PlanToys products are free from toxic as we use a certified E-Zero glue which is non-formaldehyde to combine each parts of the products, instead of using traditional toxic wood glue.

Organic Pigment

PlanToys commits itself to find the best eco-friendly materials. The organic pigment is not only good for our children but also for our environment.

Water-Based Dyes

PlanToys does not use chemical dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals.

Soy Ink and Recycled Paper

Recycled paper and soy ink are used for our printed materials. Soy ink is biodegradable comparing to standard chemical ink.

Sustainable Manufacturing

“We manufacture toys with love for children through eco-friendly processes in every single step of the production..”

Solar Energy

PlanToys uses solar energy to generate electricity at our PlanToys Children Museum in order to reduce electricity usage and carbon footprints.


All PlanToys products not just meet but exceed international safety standards including both ASTM (USA) and EN71 (Europe).

Eco-Efficiency Manufacturing

As a carbon neutral company, PlanToys, in cooperation with Plan Group, does a reforestation each year to absorb Carbon dioxide from a production. Last year, we planted over 3,900 trees.

OHSAS 18001 & SA 8000

OHSAS 18001 certification is to confirm our healthy work environment, both in terms of safety and health standards for employees in the office and the factory. PlanToys also received SA 8000 certification for enhancing our employees’ quality of life by providing full and equal opportunities to all employees.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

PlanToys receives ISO 9001 certificate for world-class quality of products and services and ISO 14001 certificate for excellent environmental management.

Sustainable Mind

“We strive to give back to society and environment through special campaigns aiming to bring happiness widely from small groups of people to the society.”

PlanToys® Children Museum

PlanToys® Children Museum displays fascinating history of toys from all around the world. These include toys made from different materials such as metal, plastic and wood. Since its opening in 2000, PlanToys® Children Museum now has over 110,000 visitors coming as individuals and groups. Both children and adults will get hands-on experience from playing with toys and also get educational fun that teaches children about nature, society and environment.

Sarnsaeng-Arun Culture & Environmental Foundation

Aiming to foster environmental minds, PlanToys started Sarnsaeng-Arun Foundation running a public library, a park, a hermitage and a magazine that highlights environmental and healthy lifestyle. This foundation also organizes many activities through a portion of PlanToys profit.

Children and Community Club

This club encourages children to join out-of-classroom activities which are beneficial for their learning development. During school holidays and Thai Children’s Day, children also come to participate in various enriched activities.

Plan Loves Forests Program (Reforestation Program)

In collaboration with Plan Group, each year we arrange an annual Plan Loves Forests Program. We intend to give back to environment by planting trees in selected areas in need of rehabilitation. With around 50,000 trees planted in Chaiyaphum, PlanToys aims to continue this inspiring program for at least another 10 years to bring back the glorious state of biodiversity.

Mom-Made Toys Project

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of PlanToys, Mom-Made Toys project was established in order to create a series of toys that truly helps development of children with special needs. Together with LOWE Thailand and mothers of children with special needs, we created three types of toys for children with cerebral palsy, autism and visually impairment.

At PlanToys®, we work toward our belief of "Better Kids for Better World".

PlanToys daily mindset was built on and remains today: a focus of sustainability and child development as our top priority. Our path of being a green company has been defined in “Sustainable Way” which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and Sustainable Mind.

We apply innovation to our materials and manufacturing to make them more eco-friendly and green to the environment. Along with child development, PlanToys cultivates children around the world through toys that animate children’s imagination while enhancing all ranges of development. The skills and the dedication of our PlanToys team are embed in every single toy to make sure that the development of children are enhanced in every minute of playing and the environment are protected for future generations.

PlanToys® has received more than 70 awards from 11 countries around the world.

Over the years PlanToys® has gained reconition globally through our philospphies and beatifully crafted wooden toys. With this said, we truly believe our outcome is "Better Kids, Better World".